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(via Trucks World News: DANGEROUS CARGOES * Australia’s road explosion
QLD Police: Two bridges were brought down when a truck fire triggered a massive explosion near Charleville,QLD,Australia -9 News -September 8, 2014: — A truck carrying ammonium nitrate rolled between Cunnamulla and Charleville rolled and exploded on Friday, destroying part of the Mitchell Highway and two bridges… A major trucking body has said no changes to freight regulations are required after a shocking explosion injured eight people on an outback Queensland highway… Ammonium nitrate is strictly regulated by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines but it is permitted for transportation by truck… Queensland Trucking Association, Peter Garske, said the tough controls already in place for transporting explosives don’t need to be updated in the wake of the blast, the Brisbane Times has reported… The 33-year-old truck driver remains in a critical condition after the explosion…

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